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Currently, the Historic Depot is not open daily for tours. However, if you see a car parked in front of the Depot it likely belongs to a volunteer who would be happy to grant you access and give you the "cooks tour" of the Historic Depot. Please call us to set up a private tour or if you know when you wish to visit, and one of our volunteers would be happy to meet you at the Depot and "open up". Anita Welch and the staff at the Marysville Advocate are on "high alert" to take your calls and contact one of the Board Members with your request.

Marysville Advocate: (785) 562-2317

Anita Welch (Archivist and Event Coordinator): (770) 235-5015

AnitaMWelch [at]

Mailing Address

Marysville Union Pacific Preservation Society
P.O. Box 66
Marysville, KS 66508

Board of Directors

President: David Lyhane

Vice President: Bruce Dierking

Secretary: Sarah Kessinger

Treasure: Michael Welch

Rick Cudney, Fran Grauer, Sharon Kramer, Rob Peschel, Rick Shain, Annie Shain

Depot Archivist, Membership Director and Event Coordinator:

Anita Welch

Emeritus Board of Directors

Rachel Frye

Charlie Weickert