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P.O. Box 66
Marysville, KS 66508

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The restoration of the Historic Depot has been possible ONLY from personal and corporate donations. We are not funded by the state or any other historical organization. We still have a long list of restoration projects that are needed to secure the long term stability of the building. Please find our "To Do" list for 2024 under the Restoration tab.

Projects completed in 2023:

  • Installed new flooring and equimpment in Catering Kitchen.
  • Installed new water lines in Depot to replace a system with major leaks.
  • Removed one wall and re-installed an original wall bordering Kitchen and Presentation Room.  This reconstruction is consistent with the original construction and division of rooms.
  • Re-created the former window border artwork around windows in Archive Room.
  • Demolition of failed infrastructure equipment and systems in basement preparing for new system to be installed.
  • Receoved Frederal Grant to subsidize the expense of design, engineering and specification of HVAC Equipment and Utilities.  The design work was started in October of 2023.
  • Finished installation of new electrical service trunk line to the Depot and removed the tall wooden power pole on the SW corner of the Depot.
  • Produced 10 fundraising events and hosted a handful of parties and reunions.